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  • Our credo is “Medicare Guidance & Planning.” Early on I realized there is so much confusion out there. When you make any major purchase you usually know the important facts before you take out your checkbook. Before I start talking about the various Medigap Plans and companies, I explain how Medicare works. My website has most of the important information, but when we sit down or speak on the phone, you will understand Medicare, what it pays for, and what it doesn’t.
  • Once you have a good grasp on Medicare, then we can talk about the plans and how they interact with Medicare. I will explain how much coverage you will get based on your budget. The costs vary by provider. It’s possible that one provider is better for 65-year old females, but another provider is better for 67-year-old females. I compare side by side. I offer several of the top providers. When you go online, you are bombarded with a lot of letters, and it’s not always clear what they mean. This is a stress-free way of deciding what’s best for you.
  • Once a plan is chosen I’ll will keep you updated along the way. If you have to go through underwriting I will make sure that it goes through as quickly as possible. Also, if you have to go through underwriting and you are denied coverage, I will go to another provider that may accept you.
  • As part of our service I will research the best drug plans based on the drugs that you take, the area where you live, and whether you get your drugs at a pharmacy or mail order. Some plans have deductibles and some don’t. Some may have limits on the quantity of drugs and some don’t. A lot has to do with the prescriptions that you have. Although I will research the drug plans for you, I do not sell these plans as they differ based on where you live.


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